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Finding a Vacation Rental in Uruguay

I discovered this on my first day in Atlantida, the coastal Uruguayan town where I now live. The Spanish school where I was taking lessons had arranged a two month rental in an a complex called Isla Negra.

We entered the little cottage, which Uruguayans call “casitas,” and went about the usual business of making sure that the home was suitable for occupancy.  cottage vacations in Uruguay

All was well, until we came to the task of lighting the pilot light on the gas stove. Apparently, the matches that the real estate agent had brought along were damp, and not up to the task.

what is a holiday home

Over the past ten years, there has been many change in the travel and leisure industry. Not so long ago, all travelers go to all inclusive resorts and otels but today,  holiday homes and vacation rentals have become the new norm and currently totally dominate the industry.

This new and trendy way of staying can now be found in every cities and town and in just about every country around the world.